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The Struggle is Real, Ya’ll…

In 2016, my life completely changed.
You see, I fell in love with an amazing man. Then, when I met his little girl, I fell in love all over again. In the months that followed, I realized that this relationship would be much harder than a normal relationship. But in those months, I also realized that this relationship would be the biggest blessing I’ve ever experienced. It would be full of tears and self doubt. But it would also be filled with joy, laughter, and tiny victories. Fast forward to now. I am engaged to that amazing man, and his little girl has become woven into my heart. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

Many stepmoms struggle with the adjustment of blending into a family that is already established. Many struggle to know their role – whether to be a parent or a friend, and they’re always worried about overstepping bounds. I’m hoping by starting this blog that stepmoms like me will be able to see that although the journey is hard, it is well worth it. That they will find solace in knowing they are not alone in their situation.