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My Fiance and Stepdaughter Are Slobs (Dirty dishes & Jesus)

My Fiance and Stepdaughter are Slobs.

Let me give you a little back story on this one.

So my Fiance and I don’t live together yet. We’ve decided to wait until marriage to do that. But we do already own a house and the three of us (my fiance, me, and my stepdaughter) go there about once a week to spend time as a family.

We had recently had a family night in the new house, so I went by to drop a few things off and see if I could tidy up a little. To have not been fully moved in yet, it was pretty messy.

Toys in the kitchen and living room, half empty cups (or should I say half full?) on the kitchen table, and clean dishes beside the sink, left to dry.

Now, I can’t complain too much.  You see, I was also part of the mess making. I am also a slob. I played with the Munchkin and her toys outside of her playroom, just like my fiance did. I forgot to put my half empty cup in the sink, just like my fiance did.

But I will admit… In that moment as I was tidying things up, I grumbled a little. I sighed, and shook my head. I thought to myself, “why couldn’t we have not been so caught up in that movie so we could have gotten these things cleaned up first?”

But thankfully, on my way back to my parents’ house, the Lord showed me something very important.

Those half empty cups?

 They meant that we got to eat and drink together as a family. It meant that God provided us with food.

The dishes beside the sink?

They meant that we were blessed by family and friends during our housewarming shower. It meant that we were blessed with things we may not have been able to get ourselves.

Those toys strewn throughout the house?

They meant that we have a beautiful child at play, and we were blessed to have the time to play with her.

I believe that this was all God’s way of saying, “slow down. Enjoy the chaos of family life.” Because all too soon, that wonderful little girl will be all grown up. She won’t beg you to play with her anymore, and she won’t snuggle up next to you on the couch as you watch a movie.

I know life can be trying. I know there are times when you think “if I can just get one more thing done, then I’ll play with the kids” or “the office is calling me again, I can spend time with my husband later.” But you see, “later” is not guaranteed. You are blessed to have the time you do with your family.

I would much rather have a not-so-spotless house and a messy (but happy) family than a  clean house any day. Wouldn’t you?

So soak up the little things – even the dirty dishes.

(Side note: My fiance and stepdaughter are not, in any way, slobs. In fact, they both do a very good job of keeping the house fairly clean. My fiance actually does a better job of keeping the house clean than I do! The above picture is proof!)

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