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When God Made My Fiance

God has blessed me tremendously in the last few years. But I have to admit, one of the best blessings He’s given me so far has been my wonderful fiance. He took a lot of care in making him. You see, when God made my fiance, He knew this guy would have to be different.

He knew that he would have to be strong – strong enough to hold me up when my world was falling down.

God knew this guy would have to make me laugh about the weirdest things. Because going through life with someone who can’t make you laugh would be a waste of time.

He knew he’d have to have a sensitive side. God knew I would want to take care of my man when he was feeling down, and thankfully He gave me a man that would let me.

He knew he’d have to have a way with words. He would have to be able to calm me down and talk through my problems with me when I go through yet another crisis.

He knew he’d have to have patience. Cause let’s face it, I’m pretty hyper and I don’t shut up when I’m excited.

He knew he would have to be an amazing father. Because God knew how much I would want kids, and raising my children with the man I love would be my priority.

He knew he’d have to be able to push me out of my comfort zone and push me to succeed. You see, God knew when I come up with yet another hair brained idea, the last thing I would need is someone to tell me I couldn’t do it. I would need someone to be my cheerleader and believe in my dreams even when I started to doubt them.

But God also knew he could not be made perfect, because that is only reserved for God. So he gave him a few flaws, and He knew I would love this man in spite of them.

God made the man I would marry with care. He knew this man would have his hands full when he met me. He knew that I would drive this man crazy sometimes. He knew by the time this man and I would start dating, that I would have had my heart broken a time or two, and that would affect my trust. But God also created this man to be able to handle all that (how he can, I have no idea).

I know that God had me in mind when He created this man, because we fit together so well. And I can’t thank my Lord enough.

(Side note: As this post reveals, Hubby and I aren’t officially married yet. That’s not until April! 😉 Hopefully this helps clear up any confusion.)
When God Made My Fiance

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