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Similar Parenting Styles: Why it’s So Important

You know the drill… You meet this amazing guy and he sweeps you off your feet. It’s all peaches and cream from here on out, right? Wrong…

You feel like this man is perfect. He treats you right and you know he loves you. But every now and then, you two disagree on something. No big deal? Not exactly.

If down the road, you decide you want kids? Well, that’s a whole different ball game.


Having a similar parenting style is SO important. When there is a child in the picture, you can’t just think about you and your partner anymore. Your child sees and hears everything. Now, imagine you have a fairly strict parenting style while your partner’s is more relaxed If you tell your child not to do something but your partner says it’s okay, one of two things will happen: Your child will be very confused and not know who to turn to, OR… your child will find the flaw in the system and start playing you and your partner against each other. Either scenario could be disastrous to the family unit.


Let me tell you what happened when I first came into my blended family. My hubby decided after about six months of dating that it was time for me to take on more of a parenting role. Now, obviously I was scared witless. I didn’t have any kids, I barely spent time with my nieces… How was I supposed to parent a child I barely knew?!


Although it was difficult at first taking that role on, it would benefit the family in the long run. Whenever Munchkin would be rebellious and not do as I asked, Hubby would back me up by simply saying “Hope told you to do something. You need to do it.” Let me tell you, there were some days that Hubby backing me up like that was the only reason I remained sane. Having a united front with your partner makes the family stronger as a whole and reinforces any rules you may have set for the child. And it shows the child (and you!) just how much your partner respects you.

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